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    Zero Waste is one of the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective ways a community can reduce its climate impact.

    It goes beyond recycling and composting to fundamentally change how we make, consume and dispose of our “stuff.” It captures our waste and uses it, instead of natural resources, to make new products creating far less pollution and feeding the local economy.

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    We can help you Get moving toward Zero Waste.

    Whether you are a concerned citizen, student, city staff, elected official or business owner, you have a critical role to play.


    Zero Waste is a local solution to restore our climate, our communities and our hope for the future. It’s a vision worth sharing.

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    We have a plan to move your community toward Zero Waste. Our Community Zero Waste Roadmap gives you the policies, programs, infrastructure and community engagement strategies you need.

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    From banning plastic bags to starting a composting program, you can make it happen using tools from the best programs around the nation.



    You’re not in this alone. Connect with Zero Waste experts and fellow changemakers for support, webinars, advice, services and more.


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    Discover the benefits of Zero Waste.

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