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Zero Waste is the fastest, most effective local solution to tackle some of the greatest environmental, social and economic challenges facing our planet.

Together, we can improve your community by reducing climate emissions, creating green jobs, promoting social justice and investing in clean water, clean air and healthy soils. Let’s get started!

Our story

Back in 1976, a group of volunteers in Boulder, Colorado started collecting newspaper and aluminum cans for recycling. That grassroots campaign grew into Eco-Cycle, Inc., today one of the largest non-profit recycling and Zero Waste organizations in the U.S. with an international reputation as a pioneer and innovator in resource conservation.

one of the largest non-profit recycling and Zero Waste organizations in the U.S.


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 4.12.39 PMEco-Cycle continues to work with every sector of our local community—individuals, homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, events and governments—to transform our throw-away culture into globally-responsible stewardship.

Here’s the take-away: We’ve been in the trenches, pushing against the dirty old ways and creating new solutions that have been adopted by others around the world (see our list of awards and “firsts”). We are practitioners who walk our talk and know the truth about what it takes to change the world.

From our community to yours

The work we’ve done has gotten national and international attention. Over the past ten years, we’ve responded to literally hundreds of calls from communities all over the world asking us to share Zero Waste solutions. We’ve helped more than ten states and a dozen countries grow local Zero Waste programs.

But we want to take Zero Waste further and faster. The best way to help isn’t us getting on a plane and coming out to each and every community—it’s creating an online platform to provide you with the tools, network and inspiration to create change.

And so was born the Eco-Cycle Solutions project.

What we can do for you:

We’re here to help you and your community get moving toward Zero Waste.

We start with Eco-Cycle’s hands-on experience in creating local change, and combine it with best practices and partners from other communities around the globe. The result: world-class knowledge, tools and experts at your fingertips.

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