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We empower citizens, organizations, businesses, and governments in moving their communities closer to Zero Waste. Read how we’ve helped others just like you:

Christine Funk, Director of Zero Waste Programs, WasteCap Nebraska, 2014

WasteCap Nebraska“Eco-Cycle’s advice has been invaluable to our first Zero Waste project in Nebraska. They have helped us think about our approach to community leaders, provided us with excellent assessment and educational materials, and shared with us the outline of a 10-year Zero Waste bridge strategy to help guide communities.

Eco-Cycle’s credibility as Zero Waste experts is based on the fact that they have actually developed and continue to manage the various infrastructure and facilities necessary for a Zero Waste system. Because of this they understand the full spectrum of related and interconnected issues from public policy to community buy-in to service and facility management. We feel very confident in Eco-Cycle’s expertise and are most fortunate to have them as advisors on our project.”

Kim Bartels, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8

EPA Logo“The feedback I got immediately following our Zero Waste webinar was amazing! People are really energized, and we had some key state and local affairs folks on the line who will hopefully pass along Eco-Cycle’s message/presentation to more key people. Quite simply, I have always been impressed with Eco-Cycle’s wealth of knowledge on such an important issue and look forward to working together to share this message as much as we can.”

From national EPA webinar, “Road to Zero Waste”

Essie Parks, Former Programme Officer II in the Division of Health and Social Services, Tobago House of Assembly

Tobago House of Assembly“The philosophy of Zero Waste is truly a revolutionary goal for a new century… However, for Zero Waste to have any impact or reach and to be internationally accepted there is an urgent need for the development of a comprehensive platform that allows for like minded persons from various backgrounds and from different parts of the world to learn about Zero Waste and to share best practices. Eco-Cycle’s efforts to develop such a portal should be commended; such an initiative stands to positively affect the entire waste industry as we know it.”

Brinda Dewan, Wildlife Conservation Nepal

Wildlife Conservation Nepal“Having experienced the impact Eco-Cycle’s exceptional Education Program has brought about in the Boulder community, for both young and old, it has given me inspiration to become an agent of change in my community, fostering a new generation of environmentally conscious citizens adept in bringing positive change in the community.”

And here’s what audiences are saying about Director Eric Lombardi:

Shaun McGrath, Regional Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 8

EPA Logo“My team came away from the meeting with Mr. Lombardi energized about the many good ideas and information that he provided. He is thinking two steps ahead of us. For example, we really liked his points about creating a “business culture shift” in the sustainable waste management industry. Here at EPA Region 8 we are going to continue to think about these issues, and we are confident Eco-Cycle Solutions will be successful, so we can continue to draw further on his expertise.”

Jeff York, Assistant Professor, Leeds School of Business

Leeds School of Business“There are three reasons why I ask Eric Lombardi to come back every year to guest lecture my MBA class on Sustainable Business Venturing: (1) his experiences and knowledge about business, social enterprise and social change are the perfect ‘real world’ wrap-up for everything I’d been teaching during the semester; (2) students love his high-energy and passionate lecture about how business is part of the solution, not the problem; and (3) the Zero Waste movement is ripe with opportunity for visionary business leaders.

Eric’s in-depth knowledge, and ability to effectively frame a conversation on zero waste, as well as the broader topic of sustainability, are truly remarkable. Every semester my students talk about Eric being their favorite speaker.”

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