August 2016 Newsletter

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  • Voluntary recycling doesn’t work
  • Circular Economy or Zero Waste
  • Redesign wasteful products and packages
  • Why we need Zero Waste
  • San Francisco’s polystyrene ban

Voluntary recycling doesn’t work

LoadingWhen recycling programs are voluntary, only 30-40% of residents choose to sign up. But when curbside recycling is automatically included, more than 85% of residents participate. A new study by GreenBlue shows only half of U.S. homes automatically have curbside recycling. Let’s give everyone a bin by default!
See which materials are most commonly recycled and how your region stacks up >

Circular Economy or Zero Waste: What’s the way forward? 

LoadingCircular economy and Zero Waste are part of the same vision for a more sustainable, prosperous planet. The business sector has the economic motivation and funding to make big changes quickly, but how will the circular economy progress at the local level?

Got a beef with a wasteful package or product? 

LoadingSo does Zero Waste Europe, which is why they’ve launched thePeople’s Design Lab. They’re on the hunt for products that break too early, are toxic, and aren’t repairable or recyclable.

Why we need Zero Waste

LoadingAre you sitting down? A new UN report says our consumption of Earth’s resources has tripled over the last 40 years. Yes, tripled.

San Francisco kicks polystyrene out of town

LoadingMore than 100 U.S. cities have banned Styrofoam containers,but San Francisco is stepping out in front once again by eliminating all polystyrene products. Starting in January 2017, the city will send items like foam cups, meat trays and packing peanuts, well, packing.

Celebrate Eco-Cycle’s 40th Anniversary

LoadingEco-Cycle is celebrating 40 years of building Zero Waste communities this year!

Eco-Cycle has been blazing the trail to Zero Waste for four decades, helping to establish Boulder County’s publicly owned recycling center, founding the Center-for-Hard-to-Recycle Materials (a first of its kind), and educating public school kids about Zero Waste through our award-winning Green Star Schools program.



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