December Newsletter 2015

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  • Chamber of Commerce: Recycling friend or foe?
  • Zero Waste is a state of mind
  • Tools for you: Eco-Holiday Guides
  • Does burning garbage for electricity make sense?


539aff8b-0ede-4308-8701-da158f00a85eChamber of Commerce: Recycling friend or foe?

I’m feeling grateful this season for my local Chamber of Commerce, not because of what they did, but because of what they chose not to do.

f90499fd-67c7-427a-ae2d-c268ffa79e6bTools for you: Eco-Holiday Guides 

Help your community or business go green with these six simple steps–designed for you to print, email or upload:

Download and share our “Eco-Holiday Guide” >

Does burning garbage for electricity make sense?

The Wall Street Journal tackled this hotly contested question and faced off two industry experts.

Three communities taking action

After three years of education, Alameda County, CA now fining businesses for not recycling. More >

Worried your citizens don’t want recycling? 87% opt in for curbside recycling in Southwest UtahMore >

Does your mayor recycle? Boston, MA leading by example with composting at city hall. More >

News we’re excited to share
Vancouver, British Columbia halts proposed incinerator over concern about “feeding the beast.” More >
Will expiration dates be a thing of the past? Peek inside the first national food waste reduction bill. More > 
Power your home with your food scraps with these new household biogas units. More >

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