July Newsletter 2016

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  • Parma, Italy cuts waste 60%
  • Why “Zero Waste to Landfill” isn’t the right target
  • Portland bans demolition of old homes
  • How to prioritize your programs based on CO2 reduction

Parma, Italy cuts waste 60% in just 4 years

LoadingOnly 1 in 4 residents in Parma puts their trash bin out every week thanks to new recycling and waste reduction programs. The city of 190,000 has leapfrogged to the forefront of the Zero Waste movement thanks to a passionate citizen group that sprung up to battle a proposed incinerator.
Find out how eco-stations and new services are reducing waste and saving money in Parma >

Why “Zero Waste to Landfill isn’t the right target

LoadingAre landfills really the biggest threat to a Zero Waste future? Eric Lombardi explains why it’s critical to know the difference between “Zero Waste to Landfill” and “Zero Waste.”

Portland bans demolition of old homes

LoadingPortland is renewing its commitment to reduce and reuse first by requiring all old homes to be deconstructed to salvage reusable materials.
Find out how much deconstruction projects can reduce greenhouse gases and air pollution >

Prioritize your programs based on CO2 reductions

LoadingRecycling and composting are some of the fastest, most cost-effective solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Now there’s an easy tool to help you calculate how much you’ll save and which programs will make the biggest impact.

Need help calculating the climate benefits of your recycling and composting efforts? Email us to learn more.

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