June Newsletter 2016

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  • Can your local college jump-start community Zero Waste?
  • Zero Waste, Las Vegas and the “Trash Industry”
  • Waste and Well-being

University students jumpstart community Zero WasteCan your local college jump-start Zero Waste in your community?

College students are launching impressive Zero Waste initiatives on their campuses, but their success is often limited by the lack of community-wide Zero Waste infrastructure. Now students and administrators are finding new roles that help move the entire community toward Zero Waste.

Discover how three colleges are driving their communities forward >

Zero Waste, Las Vegas and the “Trash Industry”Loading

What was Eco-Cycle Solutions Director Eric Lombardi, a guy who advocates for the end of all waste, doing at a conference where everyone else makes a living due to the abundance of trash?

Find out how Zero Waste was received at the nation’s largest trash conference>

LoadingDoes waste affect our well-being?

We’ve come a long way in 50 years: Our streets and rivers are no longer lined with litter and backyard burning is mostly taboo. But our overproduction of trash still degrades our well-being. To change this, we need to prioritize future programs based on community benefits, not just economics.

Look ahead 50 years at how Zero Waste can enhance your community’s well-being >

Ontario goes big for Zero WasteLoading

The new Waste-Free Ontario Act calls for the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario’s history. The plan is driven by four goals: create jobs, fight climate change, reduce waste and recoup the estimated $1 billion in resources buried in landfills each year in Canada.

Get inspired by Ontario’s vision for a circular economy>

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