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Austin, Texas, USA

Austin, Texas

Universal Recycling and a Zero Waste Resolution

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  • Recycling Policies
  • Zero Waste goals & plans



Universal Recycling Overview

All properties must recycle, at a minimum, mixed paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and aluminum cans. Properties can substitute any of these materials for another material that may increase diversion rates such as electronics, compostable materials, or pallets.

Commercial properties were initially required to have at least one unit of recycling service for every three units of trash service. In 2014, that shifted to a 1:1 ratio of weekly recycling service capacity to weekly trash service capacity. Multi-family properties must have at least 6.4 gallons of recycling service per dwelling, per week.

Indoor recycling containers should be paired with indoor trash containers whenever possible. Outdoor recycling containers must be located within 25 feet of trash containers. Haulers are required to post signage in English and Spanish to help residents and tenants sort for recycling.

Property owners are responsible for promoting the recycling by providing recycling information to new residents and tenants within seven days of move-in, at least once per year and within 30 days of program changes. Property owners are not responsible for tenants or employees using the recycling system.

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Overview of Austin's Zero Waste Resolution

Austin has committed to reduce the waste sent to landfills and incinerators by 90% by 2040. The city’s Zero Waste resolution identifies four Zero Waste policy priorities:

  • Develop and implement a Zero Waste plan for city departments within three years.
  • Pro-actively educate commercial and multi-family populations about recycling, and amend the City Code to allow for development and enforcement of mandatory recycling policies.
  • Encourage local institutions, industrial facilities, and manufacturers to adopt Zero Waste goals.
  • Promote composting through on-site, residential curbside, commercial, and institutional programs.

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