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Curbside Composting: Louisville, Colorado, USA

Louisville, Colorado

Residents receive biweekly recycling and composting at no additional charge based on a city-wide contract for all trash collection in the city. Pricing is based on pay-as-you-throw rates for trash.

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In 2009 the city of Louisville contracted with a single hauler to provide trash service to all city residents. The contract provided for recycling and composting services at no additional charge. Rates were set based on the amount of trash service provided and any supplemental composting service. In the first month residents were recycling and composting 46% of their discards.

Louisville chose to include composting in its program after residents voiced their concerns about grass clippings and yard waste filling up their trash bin and causing them to pay more for trash under PAYT rates.

The program allowed the city to save money by closing its recycling drop-off center.


Before the city-wide contract, Louisville residents contracted with any local hauler for trash and paid extra to subscribe to recycling services. The city took up the issue after its neighbor city contracted with a single hauler for recycling and trash services for all residents. A citizen group called Louisville Citizens for Community Involvement spearheaded the initiative and the discussion in the community.

Program Goals

The city’s goals with the new program were to:

  • Provide convenient recycling services
  • Reduce recycling and trash costs
  • Increase waste reduction
  • Reduce the volume of heavy truck traffic on the city’s residential streets
  • Ensure high quality customer service


Louisville Recycling Guidelines

Louisville Composting Guidelines

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