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Dallas, Texas, USA

Dallas, Texas

Zero Waste Plan

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Overview of the Zero Waste Plan

The City of Dallas has a plan to go for Zero Waste (84% diversion) by 2040. Interim waste goals include 40% waste diversion by 2020 and 60% waste diversion by 2030.

The plan will be implemented in tiered steps over 30 years, starting with voluntary waste reduction programs in the short-term, and moving to mandatory requirements if diversion goals aren’t being met. The long-range plan includes residual waste processing.

Ten initiatives are recommended for Dallas to reach Zero Waste:

1) Recycle at apartments and businesses; require waste haulers to provide recycling services to all of their customers

2) Start separating recyclables and yard waste in trash collection

3) Initiate a composting program for all organic wastes (yard trimmings, food, etc.)

4) Require recycling of construction debris by ordinance

5) Promote “extended producer responsibility” for products sold at local retailers (such as electronics take-back programs)

6) Provide for bulk item reuse and recycling (appliances, furniture, etc.)

7) Initiate and nurture a social marketing campaign to keep community informed

8) Provide education and technical assistance with each initiative

9) Construct a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to segregate and market recyclables from the waste stream

10) Develop a Resource Recovery Park to convert waste products to energy

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Overview of Universal Recycling

Dallas has a voluntary recycling program for residential homes. Homeowners paying for trash collection may request two recycling carts from the City. All material is picked-up by the City of Dallas Department of Sanitation and does not have to be sorted. Residents may place paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass bottles in the carts.

In partnership with World Wear Project, a textile recycling/repurposing company in Dallas, the City is also running an athletic shoe recycling program. Residents are encouraged to drop off used athletic shoes at special carts. The shoes are repaired, sorted and shipped to other countries in need.

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