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Disposal Ban: Nebraska


Nebraska initially banned leaves and grass clippings from landfills, but amended the ban to allow yard waste to be used for energy production. Household appliances are banned from landfill disposal.

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Year Enacted


Household Appliance Ban

The State of Nebraska banned the disposal of household appliances from landfills in 1995. Household appliances are defined as clothes washers and dryers, water heaters, heat pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, freezers, trash compactors, dishwashers, conventional ovens, ranges, stoves and wood stoves.

Yard Waste Ban

In 1994 Nebraska banned leaves and grass clippings from landfills from April 1 to November 30 each year. Brush and tree branches were not included in the ban.

In 2007 the state weakened its ban on landfilling yard waste by allowing some landfills to accept yard debris for disposal for energy generation. As the yard debris decomposed in the landfills, the resulting methane gas could be captured and used to make energy.

Only landfills with an active landfill gas capture system that utilizes methane for energy production are eligible for this exception. Landfills that flare the gas off are not eligible.


Community Solid Waste Management and Land Disposal Ban

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