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Mandatory Recycling: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland requires all single family households to recycle and is one of the first communities to track and enforce the program through Radio Frequency Identification tags on collection carts.

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Overview of Recycling Requirements

All single-family households are required to source separate and recycle glass, metal cans, plastic bottles, water jugs, mixed paper, cardboard, and brown paper grocery bags.

Implementation and Enforcement

The Automated Waste Collection and Curbside Recycling Program will be expanded to all households over five years. This helps the city absorb the costs of converting its truck fleet to automated collection and purchasing new trash and recycling carts for all households.

Recycling bins containing over 2% of regular household waste may not be collected.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are used as the primary enforcement strategy. Bar codes on each recycling bin track the amount of recyclables per household. If no recyclables have been coming out of house for over four weeks, enforcement will sort through trash to see if the composition is at least 10% recyclable. If so, the household may be issued a $100 fine. Fines can generally range up to $500.


Munincipal Waste and Recycling Ordinance for Cleveland,OH

Cleveland Recycling Forms and Publications

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More Information

City of Cleveland Division of Waste Collection and Disposal

“Recycling Program began this week in Cleveland”

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