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Mandatory Recycling: Easton, Maryland, USA

Easton, Maryland

All households and apartment complexes are required to recycle mixed paper and containers. The town provides trash service to residents and contracts to a private hauler for the recycling collection.

Action(s) Taken

  • Recycling Policies

Who's Affected

  • Households
  • Apartments



Year Enacted


Overview of Recycling Requirements

Both single-family households and apartment residents are required to source separate and recycle designated materials from the trash.

Materials that must be recycled include aluminum foil and cans; scrap metal; cardboard; mixed paper and newspapers; glass jars and bottles; plastics including bottles, stretch wrap, plastic bags, plastic cups and lids 3 inches or larger, and plastic takeout containers, pots, and trays.

Businesses can also contract for recycling collection from the city, but are not required to recycle.

Implementation and Enforcement

The town of Easton manages the trash and recycling services and prices for residents. Households are billed $72 per year and multi-family properties are billed $54 per unit per year. The prices include both trash and recycling collection.

Trash service is provided by the town while the recycling services are contracted to a private hauler.

The town has the right to periodically inspect properties for compliance.


Easton Recycling Handout

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