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Mandatory Recycling: Gainesville, Florida, USA

Gainesville, Florida

All businesses and apartments must recycle mixed paper and glass, plastic and metal containers. All construction and demolition projects must also recycle these materials.

Action(s) Taken

  • Recycling Policies

Who's Affected

  • Businesses
  • Apartments



Year Enacted


Overview of Recycling Requirements

All businesses, apartments and generators of construction and demolition debris must source separate and recycle designated materials:

  • corrugated cardboard
  • newspaper, magazines, catalogs, manuals and paperback books
  • office paper and junk mail (including shredded paper)
  • metal cans
  • glass bottles & jars
  • plastic bottles, jugs, jars and tubs
  • milk or juice and aseptic cartons

Property owners are required to provide convenient and accessible recycling services to residents for all designated recyclable materials.

Residents are not included in the policy but the city does provide curbside recycling bins to all households along with their trash service.

Policy Background

The city targeted businesses and apartments in the ordinance because they produce 60% of the city’s waste. While most single-family homes already recycle, this sector was not participating fully in the recycling program, despite the existing policy.

This led the city to update the ordinance to allow for inspections and fines.

Implementation and Enforcement

The policy applies to apartment properties with five or more units.

Businesses must separate materials that comprise 15% or more of their waste stream. To prove they are complying with the policy, businesses must provide proof of a current contract with a hauler or delivery receipts from approved recycling collection locations.

In 2011 the city updated the ordinance to allow inspectors to issue civil citations for non-compliance. The new city requirements start with a warning. The first offense carries a penalty of $125, and the second offense $250. A third offense results in taking the case to court.


Commercial Recycling Ordinance in Gainesville

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