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Mandatory Recycling: Griffin, Georgia, USA

Griffin, Georgia

Griffin was the first city in Georgia to require residents and businesses to recycle. The policy applies to all homes, apartments and businesses.

Action(s) Taken

  • Recycling Policies

Who's Affected

  • Households
  • Apartments
  • Businesses



Year Enacted


Overview of Recycling Requirements

All single household and apartment residents must recycle newspapers, glass bottles and jars, plastic bags and containers, aluminum cans, corrugated cardboard, office paper, magazines, telephone books and junk mail. Owners of apartment properties are required to provide recycling containers and collection services for their tenants.

All businesses must recycle cardboard and have the option to either arrange with the city for recycling services or contract with a private hauler. Private haulers are required to report the quantity recycled to the City every quarter.

Implementation and Enforcement

The city enforces participation in the program by requiring households to set out their recycling container every week in order for their trash to be collected—if the recycling container is not set out, the city will not pick up the trash at that residence.


Recycling Ordinance (Chapter 74) in Griffin, GA

Griffin Recycling Guide

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City of Griffin Recycling

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