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Mandatory Recycling: Peoria County, Illinois, USA

Peoria County, Illinois

All businesses are required to recycle the two materials that make up the greatest volume of their waste stream.

Action(s) Taken

  • Recycling Policies

Who's Affected

  • Businesses



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Overview of Recycling Requirements

The policy was created to help meet the state recycling goal. It targeted businesses because a county study found that businesses generated more than 50% of the waste in the county.

All businesses within Peoria County must recycle the two materials that make up the greatest volume of their waste stream, and must submit a quarterly report to the County describing quantity and type of materials recycled.

Recyclable materials include aluminum and tin cans, newspapers, corrugated cardboard, printing and writing papers, magazines, landscape waste, plastic and glass containers, motor oil and vehicle fluids.

Recyclables must be either taken individually to a recycling facility, or collected by a hauler that is selected directly by the business, by an association governing haulers, or by a franchise awarded by a municipality.

Implementation and Enforcement

The county may conduct a waste audit of any business to ensure recyclables are being source separated.

Businesses may request to separate only one recyclable if the business believes that it only has one recyclable material to separate, and the county approves it after performing a waste audit.

Businesses with less than five full-time employees are exempt if they are located in a separate building not attached to any other building, and if they own the container where waste is placed.

It is illegal for the hauler to knowingly collect commercial garbage if the two largest volume recyclable materials have not been separated out for recycling. Fines for violations on haulers and businesses range from $50 to $500.


Commercial Recycling Ordinance, Peoria County

Peoria County Commercial Recycling Brochure

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