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Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Nanaimo, British Columbia

Action(s) Taken

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Overview of Disposal Ban

Nanaimo banned the landfilling of cardboard in 2003 and went on to ban recyclable paper, metal, concrete, asphalt, wood waste, and certain plastic containers from household trash.

Materials that are taken back for recycling by their manufacturers under British Columbia’s Product Stewardship laws are also banned from the landfill. These include: motor oil, oil filters and antifreeze, batteries, computers and electronics, fluorescent lights, household hazardous waste (including flammable liquids, pesticides, solvents and paint), most beverage containers, small appliances (including toasters, microwaves, hair dryers, irons and alarm clocks) and tires.

Commercial Food Waste Ban

In 2004, Nanaimo found 34% of its waste going to the landfill was compostable organic material consisting of food waste, soiled paper products and yard waste.

The district opted to ban the landfilling of food waste from certain businesses rather than target household food waste because there are fewer sites to work with and larger amounts of organic waste from each site, which would mean early success in boosting diversion rates.

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