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Composting Overview

Oakland’s “Green Cart” program serves 96,000 residences including all single-family homes and apartments with up to four units. Residents receive weekly trash, recycling, and compost collection. The costs of composting and recycling are included in the price of trash and based on the amount of trash service.

The green cart compost collection includes all food scraps, yard trimmings, branches (less than 4′ long and 6″ in diameter), unpainted or untreated wood (less than 4′ long and 6″), and food-soiled paper. Food soiled paper includes waxed cardboard, paper napkins, paper towels, paper plates, paper milk cartons, ice cream cartons, tea bags, paper restaurant take-out containers, and paper coffee filters.

Residents receive a 64-gallon green cart for weekly curbside compost and can request an additional green cart for $7.59 per month. Residents also receive unlimited yard trimmings collection and can either place their branches in bundles or use kraft bags, biodegrabable bags, or their own marked container for extra yard trimmings.

Residents may be charged for extra garbage if they place yard trimmings or food scraps in plastic bags.

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