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Seattle, Washington, USA

Seattle, Washington

Curbside Composting

Action(s) Taken

  • Composting policies
  • Disposal bans



Curbside Composting Summary

Food scrap and yard waste collection service is required at all residential properties, including multi-family units. MFU participation is encouraged through volunteer property ambassadors who help educate residents and monitor the bins.

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Disposal Ban Overview

In 2005 Seattle banned common recyclable materials from the trash at both homes and businesses. Households cannot throw away recyclable paper products, cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, aluminum and tin cans, or yard waste. Businesses cannot throw away recyclable paper, cardboard or yard waste.

The city can refuse to pick up the trash from residents or issue fines to apartments and businesses when more than 10% recyclable materials are found in trash bins.

Seattle has a goal of recycling 60% by 2015 and 70% by 2022, as well as reducing the total municipal solid waste tons disposed of by at least 1% each year.

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