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Zero Waste Goal: Logan County, Ohio, USA

Logan County, Ohio

Logan County adopted a goal of Zero Waste by 2020 and declared the county a "Zero Waste Zone."

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The Board of Logan County Commissioners adopted the philosophy of Zero Waste with the intention that “every business, organization, and citizen adopt and work toward Zero Waste” in the county by 2020. They also declared the county a “Zero Waste Zone.”

The district will focus on expanding recycling programs, increasing participation in those programs, and improving regional recycling and composting opportunities.

Other strategies identified to help the county realize Zero Waste include encouraging the development of innovative and effective methods of waste reduction and developing incentives to promote the use of Zero Waste methods. They county also plans to educate residents about green purchasing, resource conservation and recycling.


Logan County is a rural area northwest of Columbus, Ohio.

Part of the inspiration for Logan County’s goal was the Zero Waste to Landfill by 2010 goal set by Honda of America Manufacturing Company and Honda Transmission Manufacturing.  The plants operate in Logan County and surrounding counties.


Zero Waste Resolution for Logan County

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Logan County Zero Waste Philosophy

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