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Zero Waste Goal: Marin County, California, USA

Marin County, California

Marin County adopted a goal of 80% landfill diversion by 2012 and Zero Waste by 2025. A cooperative government agency helps with promotion and implementation throughout the county.

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Marin County resolved to “actively pursue strategies that go beyond reuse and recycling” to meet its goals of 80% landfill diversion by 2012 and Zero Waste by 2025. The process is overseen by the Marin Hazardous and Solid Waste Management Joint Powers Authority (JPA), a unit of county government that helps residents and businesses reduce and recycle their solid waste and safely dispose of hazardous materials.

The process established to meet Marin County’s Zero Waste goal has two-phases:

Phase 1: A Zero Waste Feasibility study (2009) focused on establishing programs and policies to strengthen the regional framework for meeting the Zero Waste Goal.

Phase 2: The “Zero Waste Tool Kit,” (2011) focused on implementating specific programs and policies by the Member Agencies and the JPA to meet the Zero Waste goal, including:

  • A construction and demolition debris ordinance
  • A commercial and multi-family recycling ordinance
  • A Zero Waste resolution
  • An extended producer responsibility and environmentally preferable purchasing resolution
  • Franchise agreement language for contracting with waste and recycling haulers.

The JPA covers the eleven cities and towns of Marin and the County of Marin and is designed to foster cooperation among different agencies and jurisdictions. The JPA passed its own resolution supporting Zero Waste in 2006 that prompted the county to officially adopt a Zero Waste goal of its own.


In 2001 the California Integrated Waste Management Board set a goal of Zero Waste in its strategic plan for the state. Marin County reported 72% diversion from landfills in 2006 but was still disposing of about 229,000 tons per year.


Marin County Zero Waste Resolution

Marin County Zero Waste Tool Kit

Marin County Zero Waste Feasibility Study

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