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Zero Waste Resolution: Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Anchorage, Alaska

The city of Anchorage adopted Zero Waste as a guiding principle for its internal operations in order to lead by example for the community at large.

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Overview of the Zero Waste Resolution

The city of Anchorage is leading by example by adopting Zero Waste as a guiding principle for all its government operations. According to the city’s resolution, Anchorage will “support, encourage, identify and engage in Zero Waste practices as a guiding principle for all Municipality of Anchorage operations, including the day-to-day outreach and community actions within the municipality.”

The city clearly recognized its role of leading by example through the ordinance, stating that, “government is ultimately responsible for leading by example and establishing the criteria needed to eliminate waste.” The resolution gives “a clear directive to all municipal departments to work towards reducing waste through everyday policies and practices.”

Related Information

While the resolution only applies to government operations, Anchorage has been working to increase recycling within the community. Steps taken include launching a curbside recycling program in 2009, compiling and assessing a range of strategies to increase waste diversion, and creating a series of online guides called “Anchorage to Zero Waste,” which address various Zero Waste topics, tips, and issues.


Anchorage Zero Waste Resolution

Anchorage-Options and Recommendations for Diversion

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Anchorage to Zero Waste Guides

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