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Zero Waste Resolution: Longmont, Colorado, USA

Longmont, Colorado

Longmont's resolution proclaims the city a “Zero Waste community” and encourages the pursuit of Zero Waste as a long-term goal. The city government resolves to lead by example.

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The city of Longmont declared itself a “Zero Waste community” and therefore encourages the pursuit of Zero Waste as a long-term goal. The city aims to “eliminate waste and pollution in the manufacture, use, storage, and recycling of materials.”

The city government itself resolves to lead by example by incorporating Zero Waste provisions and actions into all aspects of its organizational culture.

Measures identified to reduce waste and pollution include encouraging residents and businesses to recycle, compost and reduce waste through incentives and legislations. The city gives preference to products and companies that are designed environmentally.

The resolution also states that Longmont will invest in resource recovery infrastructure. Once this infrastructure is in place, waste reduction programs could become mandatory if voluntary programs are not proving effective.


Longmont is located in Boulder County, which adopted a Zero Waste goal in 2005 with a strong emphasis on government leading by example.


City of Longmont Zero Waste Resolution

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