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Zero Waste Resolution: Summit County, Colorado, USA

Summit County, Colorado

Summit County adopted a resolution to pursue the goal of Zero Waste. The county committed to increasing recycling and reuse, and reducing consumption, until landfills are no longer needed.

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The Summit County Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution to pursue the goal of Zero Waste by “promoting reduced consumption, reuse of materials, and increased recycling until the concept of a landfill is obsolete.”

Following the resolution, the county built a regional recycling facility for the area called the Summit County Resource Allocation Park (SCRAP). In 2012, a task force was established to plan for long-term Zero Waste goals, including the creation of a funding mechanism for recovery programs that is not dependent upon fees from the landfill.

The county collaborates with a local nonprofit, High County Conservation Center, to provide waste reduction education, which expands the reach of programs to businesses and schools.


Summit County Zero Waste Resolution

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