March Newsletter 2016

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  • Turn plans into action with our upcoming workshop and webinars
  • Waste (finally) mattered in Paris
  • Mainstream U.S. Chamber embraces circular economy
  • Longmont adopts curbside composting



c1da7cfa-99f7-459d-a2a2-062943228f5eHow to get to Zero Waste: webinar

Who makes Zero Waste happen on the ground? More often than not it’s your public works team. We’re partnering with the American Public Works Association on March 17th to lay out how and why to move your community to Zero Waste.

Register today >



Achieving Zero Waste in 10 years: full day workshop

Our workshops don’t just inspire you to adopt Zero Waste: We share a 10-year plan and community engagement strategies to help you succeed.

Join us at the Intermountain Sustainability Summit on
March 24-25th.


Zero Waste is our mission and our passion, and we want to help you get your community moving. Learn more about the services we offer >



Increase recycling with more equitable trash pricing: webinar

Pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) is equitable, it’s effective, and it’s been successfully used by more than 7000 communities in the U.S to substantially increase recycling rates. Our experts, in partnership with WasteCap Nebraska, will teach you the steps to move forward in this interactive webinar on April 13th.

Sign up for the free Community Roadmap Webinar Series >



f618249e-d3af-47a5-9dde-97d12c98bf3cWaste (finally) mattered in Paris

Skim through the official Paris Agreement and you won’t find the word “waste.” But in the side rooms, the street protests and the negotiations, the concept of Zero Waste emerged as a priority solution for a carbon-free future.

Learn how Zero Waste emerged at COP 21 >




Mainstream U.S. Chamber embraces circular economy

In a new report, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce promotes the business case for a circular economy, showing that even mainstream business is moving away from the status quo of take-make-waste. It’s clear the future is a circular economy, and the benefits are truly triple bottom line.

Read “Trash to Treasure: Changing Waste Streams to Profit Streams” >



00597faf-d4b4-48a8-b57f-adbf822cc639Longmont adopts curbside composting

Longmont, Colorado unanimously approved a curbside composting program that will give residents the option to participate or not, and also creates a “pay-as-you-throw” model for trash and recycling in the city.

Is your community ready to follow suit? >


1d109a3e-2f28-4c68-bdff-0a71654c02c2Hamburg, Germany bans single-use coffee pods

We all have our Zero Waste pet peeves, those disposable products that can’t be recycled and have readily available green alternatives. The new kid on the block is disposable coffee pods, and now someone has finally put their foot down.

Will others follow? >


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