May Newsletter 2016

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  • San Francisco’s secret to success
  • Getting kids involved in recycling programs
  • Stream past webinars
  • Recycling matters facts and graphics
  • E.U. pushing for products that are built to last

LoadingWhat’s San Francisco’s secret?

San Francisco is a world-renowned leader in Zero Waste. Their success is about more than just giving every resident, business and school both a recycling and composting bin.

Find out what makes Zero Waste in S.F. really work >

When kids recycle, the rest of the community followsLoading

Looking to make in a big difference in your community’s recycling and waste programs, but not sure where to start? Start small– more specifically, with small people. Big differences can begin with kids, and we’ve got the tools to help you succeed.

Get our list of the best tools to educate kids on recycling >

LoadingMissed our webinars? Stream them here:

Zero Waste: Why It’s Right for your Community and a 10-year Plan to Get There, presented to American Public Works Association.

Interested in a webinar for your community?  Contact us today >

No doubt about it, recycling is importantLoading

90% of Americans believe recycling is important, and 95% of Americans believe more recycling would help our environment.
Recycling is the foundation of sustainable, resilient cities for the 21st century.
Share these facts and graphics with your community >

LoadingTired of buying cheap crap that breaks?

Consumers want products that are designed to last, and are even willing to pay, according to a new study from the E.U. That means products may soon have to include information on how long they are built to last.
See how the E.U. is pushing for more durable product design >

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