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What Does It Take to Create Change?

Every Zero Waste success story begins with one person who wanted a recycling bin in their classroom, their office or town park. Or one person who wanted to help their community start composting or stop using plastic bags.

As one person, you may not have all the answers. That’s okay. When you care enough to learn more, to talk to other people about a solution – that’s when the ripple starts.

Everyone has a role to play in making change.

Anyone can start a ripple of change—as a citizen, as a business owner, as a government official or public staff. But it’s only when these three groups work together that the ripple grows into community-wide change for a Zero Waste future.

Citizens make change at home, at school, at work and as customers. But it can’t stop there. City staff and elected officials around the world tell us: “Zero Waste won’t come to our town until the public stands up and demands it.” So there you have it, your marching orders. Local governments need an educated, informed public to push for Zero Waste and to keep the process transparent, accountable and moving.

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Creating change sounds challenging, right? We’re here to help with simplified and “bite sized” tools and campaigns to help you get moving. And, we have new tools coming out all the time, so tell us what you need.

Whether you are a local government official, an engaged citizen, or a local business, you can help grow recycling and composting, reduce waste, build new community infrastructure and change the rules to integrate Zero Waste into every part of your community.

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