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Community Organizing for Zero Waste

Discover the power of community organizing for Zero Waste.

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community org guideChanging our individual behavior is the first step toward a Zero Waste future, but real progress happens when we engage with our fellow citizens and our public officials to change our community systems.

As an individual, you may not have the power to change the world, but groups of individuals do. Groups are a stronger reflection of the community’s interests and have more power to collaborate with public officials and staff. Plus, groups help you maintain the momentum in creating change when you hit bumps in the road.

To be the most successful, you need a community group, working in partnership with local government. We call this the inside-outside partnership strategy.

We’ll walk you—the engaged citizen—through the process of organizing and empowering a community group and working in partnership with local government. This guide can also help elected officials and government staff work with citizen groups by being transparent about the process and everyone’s role.

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