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Zero Waste Events

We’re a social species. We like to get together — meetings, parties, sporting events, celebrations, you name it. Put people together with some food and drink, and it’s a good time for sure.

Except for the trash can. You know, the one overflowing with disposable plastic forks, paper plates, and soda cups.

Don’t let your next event end on a down note. With a few simple steps, you can toast to our environment too.

How to make your event Zero Waste

At a Zero Waste event, what people notice first are the recycling and composting bins instead of a trash can. But the real work is what happens behind the scenes and before the event even starts. The key to a Zero Waste event is planning. Plan ahead and choose only materials that are reusable, recyclable or compostable.

We’re here to help you from start to finish, so whether you’re planning a meeting for ten people or a festival for 10,000 folks, use these resources to get the job done.

Zero Waste at your backyard party, company-wide meeting, wedding celebration and other intimate events

Whether your community has comprehensive waste reduction programs or just the basics, you can make your next event Zero Waste using these resources from national experts:

Zero Waste at block parties, county fairs, road races, and other large-scale events

There’s no better way to weave Zero Waste into your community’s cultural fabric than at community events. It’s subtle, but striking. Friends and neighbors of all ages get the hands-on experience sorting their food scraps and recycling. They see how a few smart purchasing decisions mean nothing is wasted. You’ve painted a picture of a Zero Waste world.

Use this guidebook to help:

  • Plan your Zero Waste efforts from start to finish with a checklist and project timeline.
  • Find a facility to compost your food scraps.
  • Talk to your caterers and food vendors about packaging.
  • Choose a collection system that matches your event’s needs.
  • Train and equip volunteers to staff the event.
  • And much more.

Not all compostable tableware is truly compostable. Make sure you’re purchasing certified compostable materials with these tools:

Want a little more hands-on advice?

Eco-Cycle has more than 15 years of planning Zero Waste events of all sizes. Schedule a short phone or email consultation with our staff.

More tools for you

Check the rest out of the tools we have for you here.

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