Find your next steps

Find your next steps

Let's Get Your Community Moving

We can help you figure out your next steps on the road to Zero Waste, whether you're ready to move an inch or a mile. Just answer these brief questions about recycling in your community and we'll recommend 3-5 priority actions based on your strengths and opportunities.

I am a (select all that apply)

When it comes to going green, my community has (select all that apply)

When it comes to recycling, (choose the best option)

When it comes to composting, (choose the best option)

When it comes to businesses doing their part, (please choose the best answer)

When it comes to recycling around town,

When it comes to recycling bulky or unusual materials, there are convenient options to recycle: (choose all that apply)

My city/town is talking about trash because... (choose all that apply)

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