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Welcome to the Eco-Cycle SOLUTIONS Hub

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Welcome to the Eco-Cycle SOLUTIONS Hub

It takes big ideas to change the world in big ways, such as ending slavery and the vote for women. Once again, a big and timely idea is growing around the world—to eliminate the very concept of “waste.” With that breakthrough idea come SOLUTIONS to some of the greatest challenges ever faced in human history. We are ending the throw-away culture, going beyond recycling to reducing, reusing, rethinking, redesigning and REGENERATING our planet’s resources, thus restoring our climate, soils, health, and hope for the future.

People do not recognize that the “waste” issue is tied directly to climate change, social injustice and resource depletion, thus making it a priority local action.

We intend to change that, and we built this site to do just that.

Since stepping down as Executive Director of Eco-Cycle last year, I have dedicated my time to this new project to get more communities to create local Community Zero Waste plans and to help them get moving on their journeys.

Our goal is for changemakers inside and outside government to have the resources and support they need to move forward on zero waste, make real headway—and keep going even when things get tough.

We hope to deliver this support in four ways:

We’d love to get YOUR FEEDBACK about what we’ve designed so far.

Thank you for listening, and please join with us in making this new website an important gathering place for Zero Waste practitioners, visionaries, entrepreneurs, government leaders, citizen activists… the whole tribe that needs to come together and unite around a common Zero Waste vision to build our numbers and influence … and let’s use the Internet to better achieve that!

Yours in hope and optimism,

Eric Lombardi

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