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Who’s doing it: U.S. communities moving toward Zero Waste

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Search our map to find the communities just like yours who have implemented recycling, composting and other Zero Waste policies and programs.  

Who’s doing it:
U.S. communities moving toward Zero Waste

Has this ever happened to you?

You’ve just presented to City Council or a citizen’s group on a great idea on how to move your community closer to Zero Waste. What’s the first question you hear back: “Who’s doing it?”

Yeah, we’ve been there too.

As soon as someone is excited about Zero Waste, they want to know who else is doing it. And specifically they want to know, which communities like mine are doing it.

Portland, Seattle, San Francisco…you know the big names. But what about the real-world examples that your city council will relate to—your neighbors, places in nearby states, and communities of like size and like demographics.

How do you find the proven examples of programs working in communities just like yours without spending hours (or days) on Google searches?

Enter the Zero Waste in Action map.

Find communities just like yours who are implementing Zero Waste solutionsEco-Cycle Solutions has spent years reading reports and appendixes, jotting down names of cities at conferences, following leads, and tracking down the communities in middle America that are taking steps toward Zero Waste. We started building a list of programs around the U.S. and using it for our own local initiatives. Then we started getting requests from other places for these examples, which led us to wonder how to share this information with city staff and advocacy organizations. So we made some phone calls and tested some prototypes, and now we’re thrilled to share our Zero Waste in Action map and database.

We’ve done the legwork on each example so you can grab the data and run with it:

  • We scoped out each program to make sure it’s legit and not just a rumor or soundbite.
  • We summarized the key points and found the background documents, links and resources you need to customize a policy for your community.
  • We talked to many great program coordinators around the U.S. to understand the details, the obstacles and the success stories

All to bring you a solid (and growing) resource for finding the information you need to push for new programs in your community–get started searching the Zero Waste in Action map. 

Make it better

With more than 100 listings and many more in the queue, our Zero Waste in Action map is a good first start. You can help make it better:

Together let’s light up the map!

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